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To access my xfinity page, you need to first login to xfinity with your confidential details (email and password. In certain cases users had to face some problem while sign in to So, in this article we will tell you more about xfinity login and things to do after accessing myxfinity page. Lets you know more about XFINITY.

My XFINITY Login   OR   XFINITY Account Login

Xfinity markets includes internet, cable tv, wireless and telephone services which is managed by Comcast Corporation. This service got re-branded to Xfinity on 2010, Earlier it was operated under the name of Comcast. All the products have the same kind of names. Ever since the re-brand, all the products and services got re-branded too. It holds an income revenue of $50 billion in 2016.

xfinity , my xfinity

Xfinity Login – My Account & Customer Service

Xfinity is one of offering from Comcast which is based on telecommunication services. Some of the most commonly used products are TV, X1, Broadband Internet, Home Security system and VoIP Phones.

Currently it offers wide range of combo options with greater deals specially for you, Do check the official website to get more insight on the offers. Choosing bundle package offers the best wide range of services.


If you are looking for greater deals, then we recommend you to contact xfinity phone number (1-800-215-8490) to get the best deals exclusive for you. Since some of the plans and deals available on may not be right for you, so better make a call and contact sales team regarding exclusive deals for you – Here

XFINITY Products

Comcast offers wide range of products and services for their customers. It also provides combo packages with their products for your family. Before selecting your desired packages we would recommend you to check for current offers on xfinity product page.

xfinity products

  1. XFINITY TV: One stop destination to experience entertainment at your home and anywhere on all your screens (TV, Mobile, & Computer)
  2. XFINITY on X1: With X1, You are stepping into have a whole new digital experience with Netflix, Pandora,  Youtube on TV and lot more with entertainment apps.
  3. XFINITY Internet: Along with TV services you probably get high speed of internet with high range of coverage and more control over internet.
  4. XFINITY Voice: Get the best landline phone service along with your internet and tv services. Connect with your friends and family with unlimited voice calling
  5. XFINITY Home: A complete security solution for your home. Monitor suspicious activity within your homes and stay cautious with the latest technology
  6. XFINITY Mobile: It offers reliable 4G LTE with 18M WiFi hotspots.

From above, you could opt for single plan or bundle options. Bundle packages offers combination of services at affordable price. Xfinity offers four various combo packages with great deals. Packages included in combo offers are TV, Internet, Phone & Home security. Based on your need you could opt from the above services.

XFINITY Double Play : Bundle offer includes both internet and tv services with starting package of 140+ limited channels and upto 25 Mbps download plans with free X1 Dvr for 1 year and can be used with 2-5 devices at a time.

XFINITY Triple Play : Offer includes internet, tv and voice with starting package of 140+ channels with upto 200 Mbps download with unlimited national-wide calling and can be used with 8+ devices at a time.

XFINITY Quad Play : With Quad play you are able to customize various services and bundle them into one single package and could be enjoyed with X1 experience.

More products and options to choose, we recommend you to go through website to have a clearer view on what you get from these products/services.

Login to Xfinity : Access My XFINITY

Now lets know how to make xfinity sign in, before that it is essential to have email & password credentials associated with your xfinity account. Once you had these details, do follow the below steps to login to my xfinity.

Below steps will help you to login from computer.

  1. Open your favorite browser on your computer.
  2. Enter on your address bar of the browser.
  3. Click on Sign in on the top-right corner of the browser.
  4. Enter your username/email/phone number
  5. Enter your password (Don’t share this password with anyone.)
  6. Bypass the challenge to prove you’re not Robot.
  7. Click on “Sign In”.

xfinity login

Below steps will help you to login from Xfinity App.

  1. Open any app associated with Xfinity (Stream / My Account / XiFi / WiFi Hotspots / Mobile / Home / Connect / TV Remote).
  2. Click on Sign in Button
  3. Enter your username/email/phone number
  4. Enter your password (Don’t share this password with anyone.)
  5. Click on “Login” Button

Once your login credentials are correct, you should be redirected to xfinity dashboard. There are more options to browse when you login to my account. Below we have listed more options from my xfinity account.

XFINITY My Account

Once you logged in to, you will be redirected to myxfinity page. There is more you could do with your xfinity login credentials. Here are some of the options you could do, once you are on xfinity my account page.

  • Pay your Bills
  • Check your current usage history.
  • Check your emails & voicemail
  • Watch TV Anytime, Anywhere
  • Upgrade to any new service

my xfinity , xfinity my account

Xfinity Customer Service Number

Nothing keeps us everything on track, sometimes problems do come with these services too. What will be solution for these? We recommend you to contact the xfinity customer service with phone number or you could mail the completed problem to support team. Also, you could check XFINITY Support page.

If you didn’t get any answer, Dial 1-800-391-3000 number on your phone.

You could visit any of the near by xfinity store to get the solution for all your problems. Some of the most common problems should be solved by official technician and we recommend you to visit any store. You can also get a live chat with one of the xfinity representative to get your problem solved.

That’s all folks. We thought these information about xfinity login should help you. Also if you have any other issues or wanna talk about, kindly do comment below.

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